Friday 17th of November:

16:00 Welcome, coffee & sandwich

16:30-18:30 Country presentations

16:30 Finland

17:00 Sweden

17:30 Norway

18:00 Denmark

18:30 Biodynamic / Organic Dinner

19:30 Lecture: Introduction to preparations, Pirkko Okkonen

21:00 Ending the day

21:30 Possibility to go to the Sauna


Saturday 18th of November:

8:00    Breakfast
9:00    Artistic work with preparations, Teija Kettunen

10:30   Coffee/tea & snack

11:00   Lecture:  The essence of the cow. Introduction to the cow organs and how they participate in the formation of manure. Wilbert Beyer

12:30    Biodynamic / Organic Lunch

13:30     Practical work at Kurki farm, Wilbert Beyer

15:30    Coffee/tea with sweet and savory

16:00    Lecture:  Preparation work with plants, Wilbert Beyer

17:00    Discussion: Preparation work practices in different countries, moderator Pirkko Okkonen

18:30    Dinner and music

21:00    Possibility to go to the Sauna


Sunday 19th of November:

8:00    Breakfast

9:00    Meeting of Nordisk Forskningsring før Biodynamisk Odling (NFR), Open to all

9:45    Nordic Soil Keepers, Pernille Vestskogen (NOR)
10:30  Coffee/tea & bisquits

11:00   Preparation making in Finland - practice and philosophy, Henri Murto

12:30   Biodynamic / Organic Lunch

13:30   Networking workshop

14:00   End of Forum

14:30   Guided tour to history of Vesilahti (2 hours, 10 €, remember to register in registration form)


Changes in the program might appear!

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